Fotograf Ruairidh McGlynn im Interview

Fotografie Ruairidh MCGLYNN

Ein Strommast als Mahnmal des Anthropozän — die systematische Modifikation, Manipulation und Instrumentalisierung der Natur hat global dazu geführt, dass immer mehr Menschen die moralische Verantwortung für deren Fortbestand übernehmen müssen. Wir sprachen mit dem schottischen Fotografen Ruairidh McGlynn über die Interpretation seiner Serie Transmission vor dem Hintergrund der übermächtigen Klimaschutzdebatte.

Chapter Your series Transmission leaves some room for interpretation especially in the context of the current debates on climate issues. What actually drew you to photographing remote landscapes?

Ruairidh McGlynn Growing up in an urban environment, I always had a fascination for venturing to more rural areas and I was fortunate to have the Highlands of Scotland on my doorstep to explore. One particular winter trip to summit a mountain and experience an otherworldly landscape was the catalyst for my desire to document unfamiliar landscapes. Tending to be drawn towards areas where the human impact on the landscape is perhaps less dominant or obvious, I find interest in examining these areas that many might regard as being on the peripheries of society. Captivated by the relationship between mankind and the landscape I have leaned towards documenting this juxtaposition.



Chapter Power lines are a central part of the series and seem to be the only trace of man-made structures which again brings a social theme to it. How do images like these still let landscapes speak of their own history?

Ruairidh McGlynn I think in the context of this particular project that the locations, aesthetics and scale of the pylons that I have documented still allow for the viewer to appreciate the history of the land. The particular areas that I have documented are full of strong textures, features or contrasting color that I believe help communicate the history of the land to the viewer.

Chapter How does adapting colorfulness in this series’ otherwise pretty ›straight‹ aesthetics contributes to your overall artistic expression?

Ruairidh McGlynn Much of the series was created under soft diffused natural light that helps in the creation of the muted color tones. The use of color assisting in the creation of an otherworldly atmosphere, this unfamiliarity perhaps helping to evoke feelings of intrigue with the viewer.

Chapter Does the beauty of nature make you sentimental?

Ruairidh McGlynn I find that immersing myself in these remote landscapes is good for the body and the mind, a good disconnect from the stresses and strains of urban life. It helps lend perspective and really makes me value the environment.