Quiet and clear

The new Aston Martin DBX707

In 2020, the British car manufacturer’s first SUV, the Aston Martin DBX, rolled off the production line, followed two years later by the DBX707, as the super sportscar among the brand’s SUV models. With its combination of impressive performance, sporty dynamism and puristically elegant design language, it is at the top of its segment and will be the only SUV in the ultra-luxury and high-performance brand’s vehicle range in the future.

Without wanting to overdo the currently omnipresent theme of quiet luxury, the legendary manufacturer of British luxury sports cars Aston Martin—in the broader understanding of the brand a synonym for style, luxury, performance and exclusivity—certainly belongs to this category. It is a symbol with exclusive appeal far beyond the world of the automobile, a lifestyle statement and, last but not least, a statement of outstanding engineering skill.

The degree of exclusivity in the ultra-luxury segment is now not only measured by how large—or rathter small—the pool of buyers is, but increasingly also by the pronounced semiotic aspect. Accordingly, Aston Martin’s brand language is strongly defined by a restrained vehicle design that dispenses with ostentatious design rhetoric, but is by no means less striking for that. Even after the model update in 2024, the DBX707  front section features the classic radiator grille and also makes reference to some features of Aston Martin models of the past, such as the legendary DB5 which Sean Connery alias James Bond 007 drove in 1964 in the legendary spy movie »Goldfinger«. In this context, of course, association as an emotional component should not go unmentioned, because the desirability of a brand like Aston Martin results above all from the brand’s understanding that its range must not be inexhaustible, but irreplaceable.

The most significant changes to the new DBX707 are the extensive modifications to the interior. For example, a lot of attention was paid to the confidence aspect, which makes sense considering of the immense power of 697-hp. Translated, this means, among other things, a driving position that offers more freedom of movement, a clear view of the road and surroundings and of all controls and screens (with a state-of-the-art new infotainment system)—including impressive head- and legroom. The impressive amount of space can be seen from the external dimensions alone—the DBX707 is over five meters long and has a wheelbase of over three meters. The clear, contemporary lines convey a feeling of security by creating a concrete sense of space and thus suggesting control.

Additional customization options such as a more personal cabin design naturally also play an important role: there is a choice of three different interior trims, each with its own characteristic details, including Inspire Comfort with matrix embroidery and quilting, Inspire Sport with vector embroidery and Accelerate with Alcantara for an even more dynamic touch. However, Aston Martin not only pays precise attention to the luxurious basic equipment, the so-called Service Q by Aston Martin also offers a wide range of tailor-made options for comprehensive, individual vehicle design.

And to stay true to its claim, the legendary British luxury sports car manufacturer states that the Aston Martin DBX707 drives like no other luxury SUV thanks to its raw power, breathtaking performance and sumptuous comfort. In technical circles, for example, people talk about the refined, class-leading dynamics of the DBX707 a new calibration of the electronic dampers and air springs and the resulting optimization of the response, precision and driver confidence with which the DBX707 further extends its dynamic superiority in its class as a super sportscar among SUVs.

So if you ask about the most desirable version of luxury, there is no doubt that Aston Martin has excellent prerequisites in its DNA to provide a discreet but convincing answer. [DM]