SHA Wellness Clinic

A temple of wellness designed by Sordo Madaleno

With SHA Mexico Costa Mujeres, the highly specialized SHA Wellness Clinic is opening another location in the Mexican Caribbean at the beginning of the year. A paradise within a paradise, in other words, that sees the health of people and the environment as being intertwined.

Located in the state of Quintana Roo in the eastern part of the Yucatán peninsula, the new wellness paradise SHA Mexico Costa Mujeres rises high into the sky, between the emerald green of the mangrove forests and the infinite blue tones of the Caribbean.
The Mexican destination of the SHA Wellness Clinic not only offers its visitors a relaxing stay, but also combines this with health-promoting measures. A concept that is becoming more and more popular – away from treading water in thermal springs towards all-encompassing prevention in health matters with the help of state-of-the-art medicine, highly effective and first-class therapies.

A modern architectural concept is used to generate the desired external experience and internal result on a holistic level. Designed by the renowned Mexican architecture firm Sordo Madaleno, the structure of the multi-storey façade, which nestles against the coast in an undulating shape, echoes the double-stranded human genome. To the unqualified eye, the open design and clean aesthetics certainly also point to the purpose of the building—a modern wellness paradise—but the actual, ambitious dimensions of the promise of relaxation are only revealed inside the spacious complex. The wellness resort not only offers its guests a comfortable and relaxing stay, but also a variety of medical practice rooms with different specializations, all of which offer a fascinating view of the sea or the mangrove forests.

A state-of-the-art gym, yoga and meditation rooms, spa and hydrotherapy area provide spaces for body and mind to increase energy, strength and longevity. The fitness facilities are also complemented by indoor and outdoor training areas, including four different gyms, high-tech fitness equipment with a virtual reality jogging track, guided meditation walks and tennis and padel tennis courts, to name but a few. Other amenities include a movie theater, art exhibitions, a library, conference rooms and a cooking studio where workshops on healthy living are offered.

In keeping with the holistic approach, interior designer Alejandro Escudero brings together the interior and exterior of the complex by using carefully selected natural materials such as Mexican ceramics, wickerwork, local textiles and marble. In addition, the project made extensive use of natural building materials and renewable energy sources in order to minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape.

The lush tropical gardens were designed and laid out by architecture studio Maat Handasa, taking into account the natural habitat of native species. With its own white sandy beach and a natural spring, a »cenote«, SHA Mexico Costa Mujeres is located directly opposite the largest coral reef in the northern hemisphere, a marine ecosystem under species protection.

Guests have the option of arriving privately by plane or boat. A discreet heliport and jetty take you directly to one of the 35 residences, 100 rooms and suites, all of which have private balconies with panoramic views. An infinity pool and a beach club make it possible to enjoy the simple pleasures of Mexico between consultations, treatments and experiences. [DM]