Chapter Talks – Design E26 | Carsten Monnerjan (Head of Design Porsche Lifestyle Group)

Chapter Design Podcast (German-language episode)

Chapter Talks Podcast Episode 29 Carsten Monnerjan Porsche Design

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In our new episode, we welcome Carsten Monnerjan, Head of Design at Porsche Lifestyle Group, as our guest. In his previous professional positions, Carsten Monnerjan has always worked at the interface between automotive and lifestyle product design, gaining extensive international experience in the process. In his current position, he is now responsible for the challenge of translating Porsche’s characteristic design language into various lifestyle products beyond sports cars – including watch and eyewear collections, for example. He always works very closely with Michael Mauer, Chief Designer at Porsche (and guest in Chapter Talks Episode 06). In this podcast episode, Carsten Monnerjan talks about his enjoyment of the creative development and creation of new ideas and products, as well as the challenges of working for a strong, traditional brand like Porsche.

Chapter Talks – Design | Episode 29 | Host Timo Schmitt | Production Miri Marijanovic, Clemens Steinmüller | Music XTMPLX – “Mind Control”