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Chapter »En Suite«: Ilma – Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Ilma – Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The fleet of exclusive superyachts in the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will be expanded this late summer to include another highlight: the superyacht Ilma is set to define new standards in the area of upscale travel at sea – with a luxuriously sophisticated design concept at its center.

Named after the Maltese word for »water«, the Ilma will from now on offer all guests a unique travel experience, in which the recently presented design concept plays a particularly important role. This was designed using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship by renowned London-based architecture firm AD Associates and award-winning lighting design studio DPA, while Helsinki-based Studio Aivan is responsible for the exterior design.

Ilma Superyacht Design Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The design of the Ilma should subtly tell stories inspired by the coasts, nature and mythology of Malta. Fresh, neutral shades are complemented by light and dark surfaces to create an exciting visual variety. The interiors of the 224 suites, which are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces, present themselves with a truly extraordinary elegance that is reminiscent of the exclusivity of private luxury yachts. Each suite is flexibly designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of guests. A collection of works of art that harmonize with the design and create an inspiring ambience is also part of the superyacht’s exclusive overall concept.

Ilma Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

»With an aesthetic inspired by superyacht design, Ilma is characterized by a seamless integration of spaces that creates a deep connection to the sea,« describes Nicola Preece, Design Director at AD Associates. »A harmonious flow of geometry and texture between indoor and outdoor spaces creates a coherent and serene atmosphere.«

Ilma Superyacht Design Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

As with the other fleet members of the Ritz-CarltonYacht Collection, a particular highlight will be the marina, with its open, generously designed terrace including a hydraulic platform that connects guests directly to the sea. Several swimming pools, including an impressive infinity pool, the Ritz-Carlton Spa with a total of 11 rooms and State-of-the-art fitness areas provide the almost expected level of luxurious amenities.

Ilma Superyacht Design Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The culinary center on board the Ilma, in addition to countless other options between casual and fine dining, will be the so-called Beach House, which was conceived by the Toronto-based studio Chapi Chapo Design. »Our guiding principle was to embrace the diverse flavors and colors that are not only part of Peruvian cuisine, but also deeply rooted in the culture and lifestyle there,« says Tatiana Sheveleva, partner at Chapi Chapo Design. »We were inspired by the bold use of pattern, unexpected color palettes and a vibrant spirit. We wanted to create a space that lives and breathes these foundations, that celebrates and reflects the culture both aesthetically and atmospherically.«

Ilma Superyacht Design Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

As an exclusive restaurant with indoor and outdoor areas, it offers guests not only a 180-degree view of the sea but also culinary creativity, with the kitchen concept focusing on Peruvian and pan-Latin cuisine.

As an impressive new addition to the fleet of superyachts, the Ilma underlines the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection ‘s focus on creating ultra-luxurious travel experiences at sea even before her first voyage. On September 2, 2024, the Ilma will finally embark on its maiden voyage from Monte Carlo to Rome and prove that it sets new standards, and not just in terms of design. [ED]