Botanical form

Photographer Michiko Picco's tribute to the beauty of natural forms


In a world where tomorrow is often already yesterday, a return to the original seems to center us for a moment. It is above all naturally created forms that touch us, where artificially created impressions overwhelm us. Japanese-born, Paris-based photographer Michiko Picco takes a similar view. In her series »Botanical Form«, she places a familiar motif at the center of her work and pays tribute to a form (of life) that adapts almost unnoticed but tirelessly—nature as the cradle of all progress.

Chapter The word »form« seems to be able to morph into many different meanings depending on the topic. What does it mean to you in regards to your series »Botanical Form«?

Michiko Picco Semantically speaking, I think it does not simply mean »shape«, but also contains a delicate nuance about it. Form in itself is an inescapable element and the starting point for most of my images, whatever the subject. In particular-attracted by shapes without straight lines or angularities-I found myself looking for them in the botanical world to decipher their intrinsic beauty.

Chapter This series’ images reproduce the beauty of natural shapes and structures. Why did you choose this subject in particular and where does its power lie?

Michiko Picco The world is so digitalized and speedy that people tend to have less time to stop, think and appreciate. But I would like to resist this phenomenon by exploring essential things and creations made in nature that humans have almost forgotten. People arrogantly believe that humans can create and invent anything, but in the process of producing this series, I’ve realized again that it’s impossible for humans to reproduce such refined natural creations. Adopting the botanical form as the center of my work is also a way of paying my respect to the world of nature.
























Chapter Being a semi-autodidact, what has drawn you to photography in the first place?

Michiko Picco When I was a university student in Japan, I encountered Man Ray’s works in an art gallery. It was his aesthetic and sometimes complex photographic expression that strongly attracted me and led me to the world of photography.

Chapter Ultimately, what made you stick with photography?

Michiko Picco As time went by, I felt more and more at ease with this medium, which enabled me to express myself better because I’m a reserved person.