Anthropogenic Artefact: #001

OBJ.Studio and KIA collaborate on new artwork

Together with KIA, the art collective OBJ.Studio unveiled their collaboration »Anthropogenic Artefact: #001« at an exclusive vernissage at saasfee*pavillion, Frankfurt. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as photogrammetry and stereolithography in combination with traditional artistic methods, OBJ.Studio has created a work of art that captures the beauty of nature in a new, digitally transformed form.

The project by the trio Jo Rychlik, Lukas Treibenreif and Rio Grande is preceded by a journey during which they use the new all-electric Kia EV9 as a mobile laboratory for their creative exploration. These led the art collective through natural landscapes, which they captured and digitized with the help of innovative technology. Her most important tool was photogrammetry, a type of 3D scan that takes thousands of images of an object and converts them into three-dimensional data using an algorithm—human impressions are thus transformed into digital data before they are translated into a physical work of art. »By using resin, a liquid resin, we were able to bring our digital impressions back into the physical world through 3D printing, creating an artifact that symbolizes both our connection to nature and our technological advancements,« explains Jo Rychlik, Co-Founder of OBJ.Studio, adding: »It’s about exploring and reflecting the connections between the natural and the technological.«

The resulting artwork »Anthropogenic Artefact: #001«, a transparent, 25x26x29 cm artifact, is a physical enclosure of memories, a symbiosis of nature and technology. »This work is an appeal to perceive not only the beauty but also the complexity of nature as we embark on the path of technological innovation. It represents the challenge of shaping our technological progress in harmony with nature without destroying it any further,« the artists’ statement says.

With this in mind, the collective used the stylish and exceptionally spacious Kia EV9 not only as an environmentally friendly mobility partner and mobile studio during their data collection, but also as a way to be reliably supplied with sufficient power for the elaborate scans in the midst of nature. In other words, a mutually beneficial connection that, in a broader interpretation, should be read as an appeal for a more harmonious coexistence between the artificial and natural worlds. The collaboration between OBJ.Studio and KIA is also an invitation to everyone to explore and re-evaluate the fascinating and often complex relationship between man, nature and technology. [Red.]