Reisen mit Fotografin Silvia Conde

FOTOGRAFIE silvia conde | Interview Dzenana Mujadzic

Ursprünglich aus Barcelona, hat Fotografin Silvia Conde in Berlin ihre neue kreative Heimat gefunden. Im Interview verrät sie uns, welche Einflüsse ein Ortswechsel mit sich bringt und wie sie es schafft in ihren Bildern trotz täglicher Reizüberflutung nur das festzuhalten, was ihren persönlichen Inspirationsquellen entspringt.



Chapter How does a certain city influence a photographer’s work?

Silvia Conde The atmosphere of the city we live in has an effect on us. Even with today’s globalization, there’s still a certain mood in each metropolis that surrounds us and it’s somehow unavoidable. I perceive it, for example, when I compare photography in Berlin — where I live — with Barcelona — where I come from.


Chapter Your photographs are quite atmospheric. Do you want your work to be viewed or experienced?

Silvia Conde Both. What I photograph is something I’ve seen or felt. I like the idea of capturing that, being able to look at it again and again. There is a German word for this: “Festhalten”, which means to hold on to something, to detain, to record, to capture. These are the reasons why I take photos.



Chapter What aspect of your work makes it personal?

Silvia Conde Photography as a medium is one of the most subjective arts. Each of us has a way of seeing that is unique. Still, nowadays we are enclosed with constant visual stimulation and that can influence the essence. It might be hard, but I think it’s worth to stay truthful to oneself. My imagery is dreamy, but still real. To me, that’s the most captivating aspect about my way of taking pictures.



Chapter Are you constantly on the lookout for inspiration or does it find you? What fuels your imagination? 

Silvia Conde It took me a while to realize that Mother Nature is my main source of inspiration. Of course, books, films and magazines stimulate my mind too. However, reality is what moves me deeply. Traveling is essential. I always enjoy researching remote places before going somewhere. People inspire me too, greatly. There are so many friends and photographers I admire.