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»L.A. Special«: Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood

Photo Credits: Joliet

It’s hard to verify which Hollywood address has hosted the most celebrities to date, the Sunset Tower Hotel however, is definitely a contender for the top spot. Whether John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe or David Bowie – since its opening, the luxury hotel has attracted movie and rock stars as well as starlets like a magnet, and even today the likelihood to encounter a famous personality in the hallways or at the bar of the Sunset Tower is quite high.

The  Sunset Towerat the address 8358 Sunset Boulevard, is truly an institution. Completed in 1931, the luxury hotel has been attracting international celebrities and Hollywood stars for almost a century, as well as anyone else who wants to spend a little time in the glamour of the moon.

Already in its initial phase, the  Sunset Tower was built with the clearly defined aim of accommodating primarily illustrious guests. In order to reach the target group, the house and its privacy were then also advertised, among other things, in the Screen Actors Guild Magazine. At the time of its construction, the Art Deco tower was the tallest residential building in the city, making it a direct landmark in West Hollywood. Even if 15 stories are no longer enough to break records in Los Angeles, the striking building continues to be an imposing monument on the otherwise architecturally rather limited but all the more vibrant
Sunset Boulevard

This is especially ensured by the facade, which with its opulent ornamental frieze adorning Adam and Eve as well as various motifs from flora and fauna, is a prime example of the architecture of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Vertically arranged window strips reinforce the soaring appearance of the Sunset Tower.The striking upward lines are emphasized, especially at night, by the deliberate use of lighting. But the hotel embodies the golden era of Hollywood not only from the outside.

In 2018, the house was given a facelift, managing to preserve the soul of the listed building despite various modernizations. Inside, highly polished precious woods, leather in various shades of brown, and Art Deco-style furniture are ubiquitous. Glossy black wall stucco molding, along with heavy rugs and curtains, create a nostalgic, sophisticated ambiance in many of the hotel’s rooms. It was deliberately avoided that too much beige harmony leads to stylistic monotony in the interior design. Gold accents and shades of pink provide quite unexpected moments when walking through the house. At the pool, stylistic elements from the 1950s are also humorously integrated into the design; sunshades with sweeping lines and loungers with striped upholstery also exude a touch of Palm Springs atmosphere. Fittingly, the hotel’s Terrace Bar, furnished with potted palms and club chairs, is directly adjacent to the pool. After all, cocktails are the best way to meet Hollywood stars, whether at the bar or in the water. [AD]